Wednesday, 21 March 2018

#Win delicous Cadbury #Chocolate in my Easter #Competition

Cadbury Easter Treasure Box

With Easter just around the corner I thought I'd giveaway a yummy Cadbury Easter
 treat for one of my lovely followers.
I've chosen to giveaway a Cadbury Easter Treasure Box which includes the contents in the picture above.
What's your favourite Easter egg and why ? 
My favourite has to be the Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel because I love Cadbury chocolate and caramel is my all time favourite it's silky and smooth and melts in the mouth.  

Just delish!

To be in with a chance of winning please use the Raffecopter below one winner will be chosen by the Raffecopter genterater once the competition has ended.
Competition ends on the 31st March and is UK only

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

If your a busy family like us whether its a weekday or weekend and you are busy working, have swimming lessons, after school clubs or just want a family treat on the weekend after a busy week of running round after the children. Rustler’s fits in with every family’s busy life style while still creating meals that are fun for the children. Rustlers are not only the perfect quick and easy snack but they are also affordable for when mums need them most. Rustlers Sothern fried chicken burgers feature quality chicken marinated with Southern fried breadcrumbs and are smaller than your average burger (at just 140g each) they are ideal for little hand and mouths just pop them in the microwave for 90 seconds and then ready to add the toppings of your choice. I went for iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce on my burger as they are my favourite for my sides I went for some quick and easy pop in the oven paprika fries which gave me enough time to serve up the children’s dinner. I also had a side of coleslaw and salad, which is something I enjoy with all my meals it helps keep my meals healthy.
My partner went for something simple but very spicy he added a dash of reggae reggae sauce which added a mighty kick to his burger. Callum, Michaela and Davina all went for the sachet of peppered mayonnaise that was included in the pack with your Rustler burger a sprinkle of iceberg lettuce and a side of salad keeping their meals well balanced and healthy.
My youngest two had a splash of tomato ketchup on their burgers with a side of cheese shape dinosaurs and cucumber sticks.

We all enjoyed taking part in our Rustlers Burger Hacking challenge with BritMums our burgers were delicious and just what we needed at the end of our very busy week, they really did take the load of me when it came to preparing a quick and easy snack for all five children and two adults. You can also purchase your very own Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers from any local Tesco and create your very own burger to suit you.

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge sponsored by Rustlers

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Valentines Day cake baking with #Hobbycraft #Review

With Valentines Day just around the corner I decided to give a little baking ago, baking is not really one of my strongest points. I love cooking its some thing I enjoy doing on a daily basis, the kitchen is my happy place its the only part of my house I can say is mine I love cooking for my children knowing their eating some thing I have put together for them. I found baking my cake the easiest part but decorating it was a Whole new ball game for me as I'm not a very artistic or creative person but I know in time and with a lot more practise I will get there soon enough.
Today myself and my eldest daughter Michaela had ago at baking a vanilla sponge cake in a Wilton Heart tasty fill cake pan set  from Hobbycraft which come in to halves so you can later add a filling to you cake creating a beautiful heart shape in the inside of your cake. Once the cake had been baked and cooled you can add the filling of your choice, we decided to be colourful and added  two bags of smarties that is some thing I've always wanted to try just like the pinata cakes.
The cake it self was deliciously moist even though we hadn't added the mixer for the middle like the booklet enclosed stated, our cake really did work well and was our very own creation.  We was really pleased with the Wilton cake pans worked extremely well I must admit though I was a little worried my cake would get stuck and not come out as I  haven't added any oil spray but with a little shake it came right out.
Once both cake bases had cooled we added our smarties, put both bases together and decorated with vanilla icingsilver edible glitter and pink edible hearts
Overall we had so much fun baking we are looking forward to making another next week and adding a new filling of Angel Delight so we can see the heart shape a little better.

I may just have to surprise my fiance with one of my special designed Valentines Cakes this year!

Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Cake Pan Set- £10.00
Vanilla Icing- £2.50
Rainbow Dust silver Edible Glitter- £2.50
Rainbow Dust Edible Pink Hearts Glitter - £4.50

We give Hobbycraft 5-5 for all the products we was sent to review all opinions are 100% our own. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Superdrug: New & Exciting Products!

Now the autumn term has started get your little ones ready for the colder months ahead and stock up on these back to school essentials! 

Perfect for your kitchen cupboard, handbag or putting together a winter care kit. 

 Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters

Water resistant, breathable and non-wound sticking, Superdrug's new Fix 'Em plasters are strongly adhesive and guaranteed to stay in place.

RRP: £2.99 

Superdrug Detect Head Lice Nit Comb

Detect any pesky head lice with this effective nit comb.

RRP: £1.99

Savlon Cream 15g

Use to gently soothe, cleanse and help prevent infection aiding in the natural healing of minor skin disorders: Cuts & grazes, insect bites & stings, minor burns & scalds!

RRP: £1.50

Haliborange Mr Men Little Miss Omega3 & Multivits Softie 30

The orange fruit shapes taste delicious and as well as being a balanced multivitamin, provide an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

RRP: £5.99

Classic Figure 8 Train Set-BRIO #Review

This classic figure 8 wooden train set from BRIO is perfect for young children even us adults too can join in the fun with our children. Each piece has been well designed and defiantly been built to last in the hand of children, my son Rhys can be very heavy handed and has a habit of throwing everything insight as he doesn't quite know how to play with toys just yet only being 1 and a half. Katelyn on the other hand is nearly three and she's taken a real liking to our new Brio train set and sits up the table playing it pushing the train along the train shouting Choo Choo very loudly. Katelyn started off with the train track as a circle shape till she got use to pushing the train along the track with out derailing it but she soon got use to it letting her adventures begin passing trees and crossing the bridge to collect more passengers waiting at the Brio station. Each Classic figure 8 starter set has 22 pieces including 14 track sections, a crossing bridge and a wooden Brio station and three trees. The best part about this set is there are no batteries required meaning no more tears once the batteries have run out and having to run to the shop to replace them, who needs sounds when its more fun to shout Coho all by your self.  

Each Classic figure 8 starter set is priced at  £37.99 and suitable for children aged from 24+months but we think it is worth every penny as its strong and built to last and can be passed from the older children to the younger children as the grow up. 

We give our Brio Classic figure 8 set 5 out 5 for quality and endless fun.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

New Skills Academy Online Course #Review

New Skills Academy is an adult online learning platform which enables you to study anytime anywhere it suits you right from your PC, MacBook, tablet or smart phone device making it convenient for when your on the go and perfect if travelling or right from the comfort of your own home. New Skills Academy has over 200 courses to choose from I'm currently doing a Health and Social care one on the Skills Academy which I have found very easy to use once I had purchased my course and registered my details. The great thing about The Skills Academy not only can you study and where you can also study at your own pace to there is no time limits which I thinks perfect for a busy mum like me who only finds the time to study once the little ones have gone to bed or while they have their afternoon naps. 
Once I've complete my course there is also an exam to pass which you will then receive your certificate for once passing you exam and the best art is if you do fail you can redo it till you do finally pass.

I love New Skills Academy and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to gain a career. I'm looking forward to the day I receive my certificate so I can show the world that our lives do not stop the day we become a parent or the day we work endlessly around the clock stopping us from following our dreams and gaining the Knowledge to have that career in life we have always dreamt of since we was little. 


 New survey reveals that 73% of Mothers are considering retraining for a new career that fits their lifestyle *83% want a job that better fits their lives as parents.

 A new survey has revealed that ‘back to work’ mothers in the UK are looking beyond salary and ‘benefits’ for careers that better suit their busy lives as parents.
 The research, commissioned by award-winning online educational platform New Skills Academy, found that 93% of mothers had returned to work, or were planning to. 75% have returned to the same job or profession – but a whopping 82% are now considering changing their careers and 73% are considering retraining.
 A significant factor in the decision to switch professions is childcare – and wanting to spend more time with children. The survey showed that 45% want a job with more flexible hours and 34% want a job with shorter working hours.
 In addition:
·       93% said flexible working hours were important or very important;
·       80% said that the option to work part time is important or very important;
·       98% said that an understanding boss who recognised the need to take time off for school events, or poorly children is important or very important;
·       90% said ability to work locally – or from home is important or very important.
 Meanwhile, the New Skills Academy research also looked at what mums would ideally like to retain to do. It found that 16% of mothers would like to become a Teaching Assistant, followed closely by Shop Owner at 15%. Midwife and Personal/Executive Assistant roles came next at 10% and 6%, respectively.
 It’s also clear that the UK has a lot of budding Agatha Christies, with Crime Novel Writer an unexpected entry at 13%.
 Other careers that interested mums returning to work after having children included: - 
·       Children’s Entertainer
·       Medical Secretary
·       Marketing Executive
·       Make-up Artist
·       Landscape Gardener
·       Dog Walker
 Discussing the findings, Dan Morgan, Co-Owner at New Skills Academy said:
“Returning back to work after having children can often be a difficult time for a parent. It’s during this moment that many feel it’s the right time to consider a new career – often one that offers greater flexibility and more time with the little ones.”

#Win delicous Cadbury #Chocolate in my Easter #Competition

Cadbury Easter Treasure Box With Easter just around the corner I thought I'd giveaway a yummy Cadbury Easter  treat for o...