Thursday, 7 December 2017

New Skills Academy Online Course #Review

New Skills Academy is an adult online learning platform which enables you to study anytime anywhere it suits you right from your PC, MacBook, tablet or smart phone device making it convenient for when your on the go and perfect if travelling or right from the comfort of your own home. New Skills Academy has over 200 courses to choose from I'm currently doing a Health and Social care one on the Skills Academy which I have found very easy to use once I had purchased my course and registered my details. The great thing about The Skills Academy not only can you study and where you can also study at your own pace to there is no time limits which I thinks perfect for a busy mum like me who only finds the time to study once the little ones have gone to bed or while they have their afternoon naps. 
Once I've complete my course there is also an exam to pass which you will then receive your certificate for once passing you exam and the best art is if you do fail you can redo it till you do finally pass.
I love New Skills Academy and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to gain a career. I'm looking forward to the day I receive my certificate so I can show the world that our lives do not stop the day we become a parent or the day we work endlessly around the clock stopping us from following our dreams and gaining the Knowledge to have that career in life we have always dreamt of since we was little. 

 New survey reveals that 73% of mothers are considering retraining for a new career that fits their lifestyle * 83% want a job that better fits their lives as parents

 A new survey has revealed that ‘back to work’ mothers in the UK are looking beyond salary and ‘benefits’ for careers that better suit their busy lives as parents.
 The research, commissioned by award-winning online educational platform New Skills Academy, found that 93% of mothers had returned to work, or were planning to. 75% have returned to the same job or profession – but a whopping 82% are now considering changing their careers and 73% are considering retraining.
 A significant factor in the decision to switch professions is childcare – and wanting to spend more time with children. The survey showed that 45% want a job with more flexible hours and 34% want a job with shorter working hours.
 In addition:
·       93% said flexible working hours were important or very important;
·       80% said that the option to work part time is important or very important;
·       98% said that an understanding boss who recognised the need to take time off for school events, or poorly children is important or very important;
·       90% said ability to work locally – or from home is important or very important.
 Meanwhile, the New Skills Academy research also looked at what mums would ideally like to retain to do. It found that 16% of mothers would like to become a Teaching Assistant, followed closely by Shop Owner at 15%. Midwife and Personal/Executive Assistant roles came next at 10% and 6%, respectively.
 It’s also clear that the UK has a lot of budding Agatha Christies, with Crime Novel Writer an unexpected entry at 13%.
 Other careers that interested mums returning to work after having children included:- 
·       Children’s Entertainer
·       Medical Secretary
·       Marketing Executive
·       Make-up Artist
·       Landscape Gardener
·       Dog Walker
 Discussing the findings, Dan Morgan, Co-Owner at New Skills Academy said:
“Returning back to work after having children can often be a difficult time for a parent. It’s during this moment that many feel it’s the right time to consider a new career – often one that offers greater flexibility and more time with the little ones.”
 New Skills Academy offers a wide range of online courses that are perfect for busy parents, as they allow them to study at times that suit them and their busy lives. There are over 200 courses on offer, each verified by industry experts and many which will provide accreditation.
 “At New Skills Academy we work with industry experts, making sure that each course is easy to understand, with friendly and knowledgeable tutors on hand to offer assistance when needed,” added Morgan. “All our courses are approved, and once completed, offer a great platform for people to find their perfect career.”
 For more information visit
 News Skills Academy surveyed 124 parents during September and October 2017.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Peppa’s Interactive Play Mat #Review

Our daughter Katelyn is huge Peppa Pig fan she watches it on TV everyday so you can image how excited she was when she got to try the Peppa Pig Interactive Play Mat.
The Peppa Pig Play mat retails at £19.99 and just needs you to add batteries and away you go. The Play Mat is an interactive floor mat specially designed to encourage children to be active whilst having fun and learning! It’s certainly does that?
Kathleen is now 2 and half years old and very intelligent for her age so didn't really need much help or encouragement on how to play with the mat.
The Peppa Pig Play Mat is a bright and colorful play mat featuring both Peppa pig and her friends and has four fun modes to choose from! Peppa will speak to your little ones asking them to choose either Numbers from the four options say they chose numbers she will ask them to find the number on the mat and they can either press it with their hands of stand on it with their foot which ever is easiest for them. Peppa also sings songs to your little one Katelyn was so excited when she heard Peppa singing her favorite song " The Bing Bong song" one of Katelyn's favorites from the Peppa Pigs episodes on TV. 
We found The Peppa Pig Interactive Mat not only fun but also very educational for Katelyn, which is what we all want and need for our children, it also aids in your children in their physical co-ordination, dexterity and helps with numbers and colour recognition. 


Katelyn loved The Peppa Pig Interactive mat and continues to have fun with it daily you can also get one on Amazon it would make the perfect Christmas gift to any other Peppa Pig fans out there and help your little ones progress in the development and keep them active too.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Casdon Morphy Richards Kettle & Toaster #Review

The Casdon Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster Set is a realistic set of Morphy Richards styled role-play kitchen appliances just like the adult version. The kettle has a water level gauge indicator and an on and off switch to make role play all the more real. Katelyn is now 2 and a half and watches nanny make her toast quite a often so knew straight away how the toaster worked she would fill the toaster with play toast and watch is pop up when it is ready this made her giggle, it also has a dial on the front so you can change the timing on how brown you would like your toast just like a real toaster (even though us adults know its just there for pretend and doesn't really cook or brown the toast). Katelyn will be having a play kitchen for Christmas this year from Santa so this Casdon Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster will fit right in.
Both my girls Katelyn and Davina has great imaginations and love role play they will sit there for hours making cups of tea and toasting for me. Role-play is a great way for children to play along together and also toys like the Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster show children great development skills and teach them all they need to know during role play. 
Both the Kettle and Toaster do not need batteries which is great as you little ones can have endless fun with out having to worry bout then running out.  

The set costs £9.99 for ages 3 to 6 years 

We received the Toaster and Kettle in exchange for a honest a review all thought are our own 100% opinion.