Friday, 13 May 2011

Yummy Nakd Bars Review

My Nakd Bars Review !

I was kindly offered to try these yummy Nakd bars which was new for me as i have never tryed them before.  I was sent three different flavours from the nudie collection they were ginger bread, cocoa delight and berry delight all three were delicious.
My two children wanted to try them too so we decided we would cut them in to pieces.

The first bar we tryed was the Berry delight which was made with 49% raw dates 31% raw cashews 17% raw raisins and 3% raw raspberries with a hint of natural berry flavour we enjoyed this one very much.
Our second bar was Cocoa delight this bar was made with 48% raw date 29% raw cashews 17% raw raisins and 6% cocoa with a hint of natural chocolate flavour this bar was my favourite i could have ate more.
The third bar we tasted was the Ginger bread bar which was made with 48% raw dates 32%raw almonds 18% raw pecans and Ginger, cloves & cinnamon this bar was my sons favourite.
All these bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free and are 1 of you 5 a day.
Each bar is cold compressed never baked.
They are also sugar and syrup free.

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