Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Engie a car's diagnostic device and app #Review

Tired of being over charged on car repairs ? New app shakes up UK auto repair industry, reducing servicing stress and saving money for drivers

Meet Engine, Engine is a device which connects to the cars computer from underneath the dashboard to run live diagnostics, reporting back to your smartphone app with your vehicles ‘health check’. This super new cool app has launched today delivering an end-to-end solution to ongoing car maintenance and servicing issues, whilst creating a more transparent marketplace for car owners and mechanics. Designed to give peace of mind to the 7.7million UK drivers who feel vulnerable when they take their car to the auto repair shop, Engie’s Bluetooth device plugs into the car’s on-board computer and sends maintenance updates directly to a smartphone app. 
The easy to understand ‘health check’ contains data on everything from engine malfunctions, emission and fuel consumption to battery condition and maintenance information, arming drivers with essential information about any faults before they visit the mechanics.
Once a specific malfunction is detected, Engie will alert the best local repair shops who will assess the problem and submit independent quotes for the consumer to review in real time, saving drivers money and empowering them with knowledge and confidence when negotiating costs with a mechanic.
We was sent an Engie device to try out in our car which we have been testing for a few weeks now monitoring our cars health, all we had to do once it arrived was place it in our cars computer and download the Engie app on to our Android phone, you can also use IOS phones. After downloading the app we just needed to follow few steps about our cars make and model and away we went scanning our cars health.
We have had one fault show up on our car so far which our Engie device has detected and alerted us about which shows in the pictures below, not only does Engie tell you the fault with the car but it also tells you about the part thats at fault. engine also tells you about your car power and performance which is great if your like me and don't know much about cars. 
We love our new Engie its helped us out in the long run as we would never have known we had this problem which out a garage doing a diagnostic test on our car which may have cost us money, with Engie we can test our car our self then travel to a garage to have the faults fixed saving us money and time.
You purchase your very own Engie at an affordable price of £14.99 for Android users or £19.99 on iOS and connects easily under the dashboard of a car in less than 30 seconds. Car owners are never charged for the service which takes a percentage from the final cost charged by the mechanic.

The Engie app is available to download via the App Store and Google Play now. For further information visit


 Disclosure: We was sent an Engie device free in return for our 100% honest opinion 
     We give Engie 5/5 

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