Saturday, 10 June 2017

Sylvanian Families Boutique Shop #Review

Davina took her Sylvanians shopping at this beautiful Boutique which is filled with a selection of shoes,  gorgoues bags, perfume bottles and hair accessories, Cecilia Teak is a Persian cat mother who comes with removable clothes and articulation the legs, arms, and head.
Soon as it arrived we took it out of the box and started to set it up which took us around 5 minutes as the Boutique shop its self comes preassembled all we had to do was add the stickers and place all the hand bags and jewellery around the shop on the shelves which were on show in the windows which wrap around the right side of the shop showing everyone who walked by the stunning hand bags up for purchase.
There was also a transparent display case with red velvet which needed to replaced inside and stunning necklaces to placed on it was almost like royalty.
We found the Sylvanian families Boutique shop very easy to set up, the quality is study making play time much more enjoyable and just like all other Sylvanian family set this ones is beautifully presented and has been every child's favourite for many years.
Davina has enjoyed many hours playing with her beautiful Boutique shop, even if you do only get one figure with it as you can always add to it over time. 

Sylvania Families Boutique Shop is priced at £33.99 you can find out more about there range here at Sylvanian families

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